AdBlock Safe Folder & Browser About

AdsBlocker is a completely new and unique solution to block ads for Safari. AdsBlocker will protect your device from unwanted advertising spam and harmful banners, fake shops and payment screens which will make your surfing much more pleasant and safe. Integrated Safe Folder will allow you to keep your photos and videos away from unwanted eyes. Moreover Safe Browser will allow you to navigate fast and easy on the internet with comfort like a desktop tabs and a safe feature, with disabled all history and caches while browsing, that helps you not leave digital footprints and nobody can see what websites you visit. Our Combo product will give you the best experience possible as it works as one self-operational unit. The application is free to download.


- Blocking ads in the Safari browser.
Scanning advertiser websites and blocking them regularly.

- Blocking trackers activity.
Analytics and trackers websites will not be able to track and save what actions you do on the internet and collect information about your person.

- Privacy protection.
AdBlocker additionally blocks harmful codes and trackers on the web that collect information about you.

- Protection from websites with fraudulent mobile subscriptions, fake payment screens, scam sites, etc.

- Helps to avoid different types of advertising which can bring to situations of using resources of your device for mining cryptocurrency and heavy useless webscripts

- Keep all your private photos and videos in Safe Folder while they actually will still be saved only on your phone securely, but not in a native photo and video app. So you can save photos and videos hidden from other eyes

-Leave no traction, no history, no caches with our Safe Browser! You ever do not need a clear history and cache after using Safe Browser to hide it from other eyes.

-Navigate yourself fast and easy with super simple and user friendly design.