AdBlock Safe Folder & Browser FAQ

1. How do adblock work?

A: Ad blockers use filtering rules to block or hide contents on a web page. While a web page is loading, the ad blocker looks at the site’s scripts and compares them with a list of sites and scripts it was built to block. If it finds any, it blocks them.

2. How can I contact the developers about bugs or feature requests?

A: You can submit a form at or open a ticket in the app section. When opening a ticket, please select “Contact Us" inside the menu.

3. How do I know if AdBlock is Working?

A: You need to open the Adblock app, go to the Settings section and check Setup Tutorial, if you followed all the steps, then Adblock is ON and with Adblock Filters you can choose what to block.

4. iOS Latest Version.

A: Are you looking to get the latest version of AdBlock Safe Folder & Browser for your iOS device?

You can just visit the iTunes App Store to keep up to date.

We recommend that you update on a regular basis. We are making our application better every day for our users.

5. Is the Safe Folder fully safe for usage?

A: Yes it's fully safe, we don't host any of your photos or videos, they are still hosted on your phone only, which allows you to hide your data from other eyes, you just don't see them in the basic Photo Apple App.

6. Does Adblock have an impact on Connection speed?

A: Connection speed is based on your basic internet connection and part of the day when you use our app, AdBlock doesn't slow down any script loading, moreover, it blocks Ad scripts so everything loads even faster in millisecond time frame.

7. Why a Safe Browser is Safe.

A: We don’t record any of your browsing history or cache, so you don't leave any trace behind. So you do not need to clear history or ever caches on your browser to hide your browsing from other eyes or attending some websites. Also websites will not remember your person by saving data on browser cookies as on regular browsers.

You can check it by logging into some website and closing it. After the second browser using websites will not remember your log in.

8. What are the benefits of AdBlock Safe Folder & Browser?

A: AdBlock Safe Folder & Browser AdsBlocker will protect your device from unwanted advertising spam and annoying pop ups. Safe Folder will allow you to keep your photos and videos private and away from the general Photo section. Safe Browser will allow you to navigate fast and easy on the internet with disabled history and caches while browsing, which will help not to leave digital footprints.